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Hey Loves! I’m Caitlyn the girl behind ChemGradBoom. A blog about taking life with a little salt, a slice of lime and shot of tequila or life of a graduate student, whichever version you prefer!

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  1. Hey Caitlyn! I'm Caroline, and I just wanted to stop and say I really like your blog! I'm currently a senior in college and blog over at thecollegecosmopolitan. I've been trying to brainstorm ways to actually reach the people I'm writing too - college students - and connect to other bloggers my age, but it can be hard when much of the blogosphere is occupied by people in other stages of life past college! Anyway, I'm not sure if you have struggled with that or not too but I just wanted to reach out - please feel free to connect with me in anyway you want (or don't want) to! Great job with your blog and good luck with everything!


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