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Coffee Talk #2

Happy October everyone! It is crazy to think how fast 2016 has been going! As I mentioned before I am back(ish) to blogging and part of this is to do the things that make me happy. I was in a bit of a slump before but after quite a bit of 'me' work, I am happy to say that things are back on track.

One of the things that I enjoyed when blogging at the very start, was sharing my goals and plans for the month. Not only did this make me plan out what I wanted to accomplish, it allowed me to put them in writing and 'out there'. So starting off October the right way and sharing my goals and reviewing how I did in September!

Feel free to share any goals/tips/advice you have yourself if you would like to!


October Goals ---

University Related

  • Finalize my meetings/interviews and my outline for my dissertation and a paper. Two goals very similar to last month and two things that I need to finish! Hints they are back on my to do list! 
  • Schedule time with the p-XRF and SEM. A small portion of my research requires some lab analysis of samples and I finally have enough to make it a full day of working, hints why I need to get into the lab! 
  • Finish reviewing FOUR Planning Authority Districts. The largest portion of my research involves reviewing applications for replacement of windows, aka over 10,000 for the last 3 years. To start I want to nail down how I organize and present the data by going through FOUR districts. 
  • Write 500 words a day. 

Personal Related

  • Get on a schedule. A repeat from last month, but I finally have my work schedule under control, a 5 times a week workout program and of course Uni related things all scheduled and planned. So if any month I could start my new routine its this month! 
  • Gym 5 days per week, early morning on Uni days and before work on work days. Part of the get on a schedule goal includes getting in time at the gym. This month I want to crush my gym sessions and try to make most of them early morning!
  • No takeout/chocolate/fried food till Rome (because Holidays are freebies). Since this month is all about being the best me possible, I want to try and challenge myself by eliminating some of the unhealthiest items that I go to. Yes I am giving up takeout, fried foods and my all time favorite chocolate! 

Blogging Related 

  • 2x post per week. Since getting back into blogging I want to make sure and stick with it, plus having a goal of 2 post per week pushes me to explore new places to share with everyone!
  • Learn some social media skills. I SUCK at sharing on social media (Twitter, Facebook, IG, Pinterest -- yep that is all of them). This month I want to try and share more throughout the week with everyone .... TIPS/ ADVICE appreciated :) .

Lets review Septembers Goals ---

University Related

  • Plan out the interviews with individuals for a portion of my research. Epic Fail, although I do have all the contact information collected meaning I just need to email everyone and plan it out. 5% Accomplished
  • Get feedback about my NEW dissertation outline. Outline is revised and meeting with my supervisor this week! So semi-accomplished at 75% Done! 
  • Make a timeline for my computer based research. I have gone through and saved all of the data that I need to go through, I am working on making a timeline, but have some things to discuss with my supervisor before I finalize it! 25% Done

Personal Related

  • Track my eating for the rest of the month. I tried logging both with MyFitnessPal and writing everything down. I managed to do this for about 85% of my meals, so a 85% success rate!
  • Watch my spending/wasteful shopping habits. I was so proud of myself regarding this. One day after the gym on my walk home I stopped into some shops and bought NOTHING! 100% Accomplished!
  • Get on a SCHEDULE. To try and get on the 'schedule/get things done mindset' I stared a semi-bullet journal. While I wasn't able to get on great schedule I feel like I am on track, so I give myself a 50% accomplished on this goal.

If anyone has any tips on how they stay on track with goals, please do share!?!

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