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Coffee Talk #1

Happy Tuesday Morning Everyone! I hope that your week started off as planned and that the rest of your week will be amazing!

As another way of getting this blog back on track, I am going to share my monthly plans here with everyone! Considering we are already over half-way through the month, I am a bit late, but I am just getting back into blogging. Still, to start things off right I wanted to share the stuff that I hoping to work on this month (or more like 2ish weeks of September).

University Related

I recently went and presented my research at a conference and taking feedback from that I am now trying to complete a few things that will allow my project to progress! 
  • Plan out the interviews with individuals for a portion of my research. While this shouldn't be  difficult, my schedule is flexible around when is best for each individual, planning with others seems to be impossible. I am hoping to schedule 5 interviews, which should be completed by the end of the year. 
  • Get feedback about my NEW dissertation outline. With the whole change in my project focus, I have had to shift my dissertation outline/goals. I am hoping to get some feedback about how everything lines up before getting too deep into the writing process.
  • Make a timeline for my computer based research. A huge chunk of my research now involves going through online applications. While I can do this anywhere, it is a bit of a pain and way more time consuming than I originally thought. 

Personal Related 

Like the post before this, I was unhappy with myself, but I have found some ways to try and fix that. All of these personal related things are goals that not only help with my happiness by are personal challenges that I wanted to try for the month.
  • Track my eating for the rest of the month. I want to do this in order to understand/realize what all eat during the day, plus I want to try and optimize my whole 'get fit' goals.
  • Watch my spending/wasteful shopping habits. While I love to shop and buy new things, I am trying to cut back until the end of October.
  • Get on a SCHEDULE. It's a new university term and while I am technically full-time, all year long, I want to make sure to get on track and try to manage my time much better than I have been doing. 

Well, there they are my goals for September! I can only hope that at the start of October I will be able to update everyone on how I did. 

If anyone has any tips on how they stay on track with goals, please do share!?!

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